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CCIE voice bootcamp

CISCO思科认证   添加时间: 2011-10-24 14:42:07   阅读数: 1630

CCIE voice bootcamp

training form:1 on 1

10-15days(according to the status of students)

Task 1.1 Implement Campus Infrastructure and Services
Task 1.2 - 1.3 Configuring DHCP and TFTP
Task 1.4 Configuring NTP,Setup CUCMs to PSTN Synchronnization
Task 1.5 Configuring NTP,Setup CUCM NTP Server
Task 1.6 Configuring NTP,Setup Branch to PSTN Synchronnization
Task 1.7 Configuring System Basic Setup,Initialize the CUCM System
Task 1.8 Configuring System Basic Setup Initialize the CUCME system
Task 1.9 Troubleshoot Campus Infrastructure and Services

Task 2.1 Implementing CUCM SCCP and SIP Endpoints
Task 2.2 SCCP Endpoint Registration,Configure the SCCP Phone
Task 2.3 SCCP Endpoint Registration,Configure UCM on Hold
Task 2.4 - 2.5 SIP Endpoint Registration,Configure CUCM and IP Phones Using SIP
Task 2.6 SIP Endpoint Registration,Configure SIP Phone Re-Register Parameter
Task 2.7 SIP Endpoint Registration,Ensure SIP Phones Are Not Subject to Inter-digit Timeout
Task 2.8 Codec,Configure g729 and g711
Task 2.9 Troubleshoot CUCM SCCP and SIP Endpoints

Task 3.1 Implemeting CUCME SCCP and SIP Endpoints
Task 3.2 SCCP Endpoint Registration,Configure the SCCP Phone
Task 3.3 SCCP EndPoint Registration,Enable the GUI on CME
Task 3.4 SCCP EndPoint Registration,Configure CME Conference
Task 3.5 SIP Endpoint Registration,Register the IP Phone to with SIP Registrar on CME Router
Task 3.6 - 3.7 SIP Endpoint Registration,Configure the SIP Phone and Disable the conference Softkey
Task 3.8 SIP Endpoint Registration,Configure and Test Calling between SCCP and SIP Endpoints
Task 3.9 SIP EndPoint Registration,Configuring SIP Dial Plans
Task 3.10 TroubleShooting CUCME SCCP and SIP Endpoints

Task 4.1 Implementing Voice Gateways and Gatekeeper
Task 4.2 Gateways,Configure H323 Gateway in UCM
Task 4.3 Gateways,Configure MGCP Gateway in CUM
Task 4.4 Gateways,Configure SIP Gateway in UCM
Task 4.5 Gateways,Configure User in the UCM Directory
Task 4.6 Gatekeeper,Configure HQ-RTR,BR2-RTR and UCM
Task 4.7 Gatekeeper,Ensure UCM and UCME Phones can make Calls Through the Gatekeeper
Task 4.8 Troubleshooting Voice Gateways and Gatekeeper

Task 5.1 Implemeting Call Routing Policies
Task 5.2 UCM Emergency Call Routing,Configure Emergency Call Routing on UCM
Task 5.3 UCM Inbound Globalization and Localization
Task 5.4 UCM + Dialing
Task 5.5 UCM Localized Call Routing
Task 5.6 UCM TEHO
Task 5.7 UCME Call Routing
Task 5.8 Call Coverage,Create Hunt Group for Support Calls
Task 5.9 Call Coverage,Configure Hunt Pilot Availability
Task 5.10 Call Coverage,Create a Circular Hunt Group for Support on CME
Task 5.11 Troubleshooting Call Routing Policies

Task 6.1 New Dial Plan
Task 6.2 Configuring Dial Peers in CUCME and IOS
Task 6.3 Configuring Digit Manipulation in CUCM,CUCME and IOS
Task 6.4 Configuring Calling Party Transformations in CUCM
Task 6.5 Configuring Called Party Transformations in CUCM
Task 6.6 Configuring Translation Patterns in CUCM
Task 6.7 Configuring Route Selection Preference in CUCM,CUCME and IOS
Task 6.8 Configruing Route Selection Redundancy in CUCM,CUCME and IOS
Task 6.9 Configuring Local Route Groups in CUCM
Task 6.10 - 6.11 Configuring Hunt Groups in CUCM,CUCME and IOS and Device Mobility
Task 6.12 Configuring Unified Mobility in CUCM
Task 6.13 Configuring Mobile Voice Access in CUCM

Task 7.1 Implement High Availability Features
Task 7.2 Automate Alternate Routing(AAR),Transparently Re-route calls on Roaming Phones
Task 7.3 Automate Alternate Routing(AAR),During Network Congestion Calls are routed to the PSTN
Task 7.4 Automate Alternate Routing(AAR),Outside Calls should not be Transferable to another PSTN
Task 7.5 Survivable Remote Site Telephony (SRST)
Task 7.6 Survivable Remote Site Telephony (SRST),Call Forward Unregistered (CFUR)

Task 8.1 Implement Supplementary Services
Task 8.2 Call Park
Task 8.3 Call Pickup

Task 9.1 Implement Voice Applications
Task 9.2 Basic - Automatic Call Distribution (B-ACD),Create an Auto-Attendant on BR2
Task 9.3 Basic - Automatic Call Distribution (B-ACD),Create an Second Auto-Attendant
Task 9.4 IP Manager/Assistant with Extension Mobility (EM)
Task 9.5 EM on CUCME

Task 10.1 Implement Quality of Service and Call Admission Control (CAC)
Task 10.2 Gatekeeper CAC
Task 10.3 - 10.4 QoS Classification and Marking and (CBWFQ-PQ a.k.a LLQ) with (LFI)

Task 11.1 Implement Messaging
Task 11.2 Unity Express Integration
Task 11.3 Unity Connections Call Handling
Task 11.4 Unity Connections and SRST Integration
Task 11.5 Unity Connestions Interaction with RSVP CAC

Task 12 Implement Unified Contact Center Express Scripting (Various Requirement)

Task 13.1 - 13.2 Implement Unified Presence
Task 13.3 Unified Presence Server,Install Cisco IP Phone Messenger
Task 13.4 CUCM Presence,Add 5002 as a Speed Dial and BR1 Phone 2
Task 13.5 CUCM Presence,Configure CUCM that Presence Indicators are Displayed for Users
Task 13.6 CUCME Presence


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